How to Find a Registered Agent in Utah (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Last updated: June 13th, 2024
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Utah registered agent requirements

In Utah, your registered agent must meet certain requirements, which are as follows.

Being your own registered agent

If you plan to appoint yourself, the business owner, as your company’s own registered agent, you need to follow the guidelines listed below. Keep in mind that these guidelines are also pertinent to any individual who will act as your company’s registered agent (a spouse, relative, friend, employee, etc.):

  • Be at least 18 years or older
  • Be a resident of Utah
  • Have a physical address in the state (not a P.O. box)
  • Be at this address during normal business hours all week

Hiring a Utah registered agent service

Commercial registered agent companies must meet the following requirements

  • Be registered to do business in Utah
  • Have a physical address in the state (not a P.O. box)
  • Be at this address during normal business hours all week

Why use a registered agent service

While it may be tempting to appoint yourself as registered agent, there are far more reasons to consider working with a registered agent service in Utah:

  • Foreign qualification

Most businesses in Utah dream of growing and spreading their services to other states. If you would like to offer your business services or products to consumers in states other than Utah, you need to incorporate in those states. As a Utah-based state, you would, therefore, need to “foreign qualify” in those other states.

Foreign qualification can be a challenge if you need to find a brand-new registered agent in every state where you plan to do business. Something that can make this process far easier is hiring one registered agent company that has offices in all 50 states.

  • Compliance and organization

Registered agent services help companies in Utah stay compliant. They can also help you keep your business filings organized. Making sure you are organized and compliant at all times will help you stay in good standing with state.

  • No need to keep business hours

If your company requires that you travel frequently, this will be hard to do — if not impossible — if you act as your own registered agent.

That’s because a registered agent needs to be at their registered agent address from roughly 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Keeping reliable business hours ensures that your registered agent receives any and all important documents from the state, courts, and other entities.

  • More flexibility for startups

Small businesses and startups in Utah often have limited options when it comes to how they run their business. For example, as a startup, you may want to operate your business out of your home. Or, you may choose to use a P.O. box as your business address.

If this is the case for your small business, you can do both of these things as long as you hire a registered agent service to be your registered agent. On the other hand, if you act as your own registered agent, you will not be able to use a P.O. box as your business address.

Furthermore, if you choose to operate your business out of your home, you’ll have to list your home address as your registered agent address. This would make it public record for anyone to find.

Utah registered agent costs

The cost of hiring a registered agent service tends to be between $50 and $300 per year. This cost will naturally vary depending on how large your company is and what sorts of other services you may be interested in.

For example, some registered agent companies may be able to help you with Annual Report deadlines and tax filing due dates. Other companies offer a sleek online account for each client where they can instantly scan and upload your business documents for same-day notifications.

If you are hoping to save money on your registered agent costs for the first year that your business is in operation, consider going with the registered agent company that will include registered agent services for a year when you incorporate with them.

There is no charge if you appoint yourself as registered agent.

How to change a registered agent in Utah

Changing your Utah registered agent is a straightforward process that simply involves filling out some paperwork and filing it with the Utah Secretary of State.

  • Your first task will be to notify your old (current) registered agent that you will be switching agents. Tell them you would like to get copies of any important business documents they may still have in their possession. It’s a good idea to get these now before you actually cut ties with your old agent.
  • As you tell your former registered agent that you’ll be moving on, be sure to have an individual or company in mind to replace them with (see registered agent requirements outlined above). Once you have found a new registered agent, make sure they are willing to be appointed as such in your Articles. At this point, you can start filing the change of agent paperwork.
  • The paperwork required for changing your registered agent is different in every state. In Utah, you will need to complete a document called the Corporation Registration Information Change form if your business is a corporation. If your business is an LLC (limited liability company), you’ll need the Limited Liability Company Registration Information Change form. Both of these forms can be obtained from the Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code.
  • Fill out the form you need with your new registered agent’s information, and submit it to the Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code with the required filing fee (you can usually pay by credit card). The form can be submitted in person, online, by mail, or by fax.
  • Want some help with your filing? If you will be replacing your old registered agent with a new registered agent company, this company will often file your change of registered agent form for you with the Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code. They will also usually pay the fee on your behalf.

Why you need a registered agent

If you are incorporating a business in Utah, you need to have a registered agent.

According to state law, your registered agent is responsible for receiving service of process, tax notices, and other important legal documents on behalf of your business. Registered agents can be individuals, or they can be business entities.

When you need a registered agent

You need to choose your registered agent when filing your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization with the state.

These Articles are an essential part of incorporating your new Utah LLC (limited liability company) or corporation. The Articles of Organization should include the new name of your business, who your registered agent will be and their contact information, who your Board of Directors will be, what your corporate bylaws will be, and several other pieces of information.

When choosing a business name, always be sure that you follow the guidelines provided by the state. Keep in mind there are filing fees associated with incorporating your business as well.

Useful links

Incorporating your business can be a complicated process. Use the forms and links below to assist you as you register your business with the state and choose a registered agent.


Who needs a registered agent in Utah?

All registered businesses in Utah (limited liability companies and corporations) are required to have registered agents. Your registered agent will accept important tax and legal documents for your business, including service of process.

Why do small businesses in Utah need a registered agent?

Even small businesses in Utah need to have a registered agent because the state, courts, or other business entities may want to get in touch with you. Having a registered agent ensures that someone is always available to receive these important notifications and documents.

What does a Utah registered agent do?

Registered agents are required to be at their registered office address in the State of Utah during normal business hours so that they can accept legal paperwork and other important documents for your business. Many registered agent companies also organize these documents for you and can help you with compliance as well.

Will I fall out of good standing if I don’t have a registered agent?

Yes. If you do not have a registered agent in Utah, you will not stay in good standing with the state. In fact, having a registered agent is a requirement for forming your business in the first place.

What’s the difference between a resident agent and a registered agent?

A resident agent is the same as a registered agent. Another term you may hear interchangeably with these terms is statutory agent. Resident agents, registered agents, and statutory agents are all different names for the same position: a company or individual that accepts important business documents on behalf of another business.

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