How to Find a Registered Agent in Oklahoma (Step-by-Step Guide)

Last updated: May 10th, 2024
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Oklahoma registered agent requirements

Are you planning on being your company’s own registered agent in Oklahoma? If so, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. Likewise, if you hire a registered agent service, they will need to meet certain requirements too.

Below, we’ll go over both sets of requirements so that you can plan accordingly as you select a registered agent for your business or organization in Oklahoma.

Being your own registered agent

Any business owner may choose to be their own registered agent. Keep in mind that this job comes with responsibilities. You cannot simply become your own registered agent in name but not take the appropriate steps.

Remember that you can also delegate this responsibility to a spouse, close friend, employee, or another individual. However, any individual who becomes a registered agent in Oklahoma needs to meet these requirements:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Be a resident of Oklahoma
  • Have an Oklahoma address that is a street address and not a P.O. box address
  • Be willing to accept important documents at said address during normal business hours

Hiring an Oklahoma registered agent service

Some companies will prefer to hire an Oklahoma registered agent service. Taking this route will mean that the following requirements must be met; the registered agent service must:

  • Be registered to do business in Oklahoma
  • Have a street address (that is not a P.O. box address) in Oklahoma
  • Be willing to accept important documents at said address during normal business hours

Why use a registered agent service

When incorporating a business in Oklahoma, you can choose between having an individual be your registered agent and hiring a registered agent service. Many companies choose the latter for the following reasons:

  • Time

It gives you more time to focus on your business. Being your own registered agent will take up a lot of your time, so delegating the responsibility to a professional company allows you to do more of what’s important as your company grows.

  • Privacy

You’ll have more privacy because you won’t have to use your home address as your registered agent business address. Registered agent addresses need to be listed on the public record.

  • Convenience

You’ll be sure to never miss important notifications and documents. Commercial registered agent services are professionals and will ensure you get all the important correspondence that is delivered to you in a timely manner.

  • Good standing

You’ll be sure to remain in good standing with the state. Professional registered agents can alert you about tax document due dates and annual report deadlines so that you never miss an important filing and risk being noncompliant.

Oklahoma registered agent costs

All registered agent services will inevitably charge a different amount for their services based on a number of varied factors. Still, most registered agent companies will likely charge between $50 and $300 annually.

If you want to be your own registered agent, there is no fee. However, some companies may decide to pay an employee or someone else to take on this role.

If you want to hire a registered agent company and are seeking a discount, look for a company that will throw in registered agent services along with their incorporation service fees for the first year.

How to change a registered agent in Oklahoma

You can change your registered agent in Oklahoma by filing select paperwork with the Oklahoma Secretary of State and paying the appropriate fee. You can submit the paperwork by mail, online, or in person. You can also have your new registered agent file on your behalf. When hiring a new commercial registered agent company, they will often file your change of agent paperwork and pay the fee for you.

Many companies still wish to file on their own, however, and if this is the case or if you don’t plan to hire a commercial registered agent company, here is what you must do to change your registered agent:

  • Start by obtaining the necessary paperwork from the Oklahoma Secretary of State. You will need to get a Notice of Change of Registered Agent form.
  • Fill out the form with your new registered agent’s information, including their full name and address. You will also need the full name and address of your old registered agent.
  • Let your old registered agent know you are switching to a new individual or company. If your old registered agent still has paperwork that you’ll need for your company — or any sensitive documents pertaining to your business — obtain these documents before severing ties.
  • Submit the Notice of Change of Registered Agent form to the Oklahoma Secretary of State, Business Filing Department. You can submit this paperwork online, in person, or by mail.
  • Pay the filing fee to the Oklahoma Secretary of State, Business Filing Department. This can be done by credit card.

Why you need a registered agent

As a small business or organization in Oklahoma prepares to incorporate their business, they often have this question about the incorporation process:

“What is a registered agent and why do I need one?”

First, a registered agent is a business entity or individual that is chosen to accept service of process and other important documents and legal notices on behalf of your Oklahoma company. They must be available at their established registered agent address during normal business hours so that they can receive these documents and forward them on to you in a timely manner.

According to state law, your LLC needs a registered agent because the state wants to know that you will receive critical correspondence (such as service of process and official documents) right away. Important correspondence like this needs to be taken care of immediately.

When you need a registered agent

You will need a registered agent right away when completing your formation documents and filing to incorporate your corporation or LLC (limited liability company) in Oklahoma. A registered agent is always necessary, no matter what type of business you plan to register.

On your Articles of Incorporation document is where you will fill out your registered agent’s contact information. Also called the Articles of Organization, your Articles of Incorporation are essential to the creation of your established LLC or corporation in Oklahoma.

Prior to selecting a registered agent for this document, you will need to choose a new business name. Selecting a business name can be fun for new corporations, but this is also a serious process that requires time and attention to detail. The State of Oklahoma has strict naming requirements for businesses, and these absolutely must be followed.

First, you need to make sure that only your company has your business name. In other words, you’ll need to perform a business search using the database found on the Oklahoma Secretary of State website to be sure that no other company has already used your desired name.

After you have selected a new business name that no one else has and chosen who your registered agent will be, there are other steps to carry out. You will have to obtain an employer identification number (EIN), for example. And you will have to hold your first board meeting with your chosen Board of Directors in addition to outlining your Corporate Bylaws, etc.

Useful links

We’ve provided a list of several important Oklahoma government websites and links to forms that will assist you as you choose a registered agent and incorporate your Oklahoma business.


Who can be a registered agent in Oklahoma?

Almost anyone may choose to be a registered agent in Oklahoma. That is, you yourself can be your business’s own registered agent. Or, you can have another individual who is 18 or older, a resident of Oklahoma State, and in possession of a physical street address (not a P.O. box address) be your registered agent.

How do I change my registered agent in Oklahoma?

If you would like to change your registered agent in Oklahoma, you will need to obtain a Notice of Change of Registered Agent form and submit it to the Oklahoma Secretary Of State, Business Filing Department. You also must pay the filing fee.

Can I be my own registered agent for my LLC in Oklahoma?

Yes, if you are a business owner in Oklahoma, you may choose to be your own registered agent. Keep in mind that this role comes with responsibilities and may end up taking up much of your time. For this reason, many business owners hire a registered agent service company to be their registered agent.

How do you become a registered agent in Oklahoma?

An individual can be a registered agent (also known as a statutory agent) as long as they are a resident of Oklahoma, over 18, and have a non-P.O. box street address in the state. There are also many registered agent service companies. These act as the registered agent for numerous clients in the state and around the nation.

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