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Last updated: July 21st, 2024

A business name generator will help expedite the process of brainstorming business names by calculating hundreds of possible names to choose from within seconds.

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One of the best ways to develop the best possible business name is to use a business name generator. A business name is the first impression that customers and clients have of a business. Having a well-thought-out business name is worth the time and effort to create a memorable brand.

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Why you need a business name generator

When people choose a business name, they typically run ideas by family and friends to get a second set of eyes on their name and get some feedback. A company name generator is like having hundreds of eyes that can give real-time ideas that you can browse in seconds.

A business name generator also helps with:

  • Idea generation: Business name generators can compute various intriguing names to produce hundreds of suggestions with a few clicks. This process certainly beats spending hours trying to brainstorm a business name.
  • Time savings: Name generators will help speed up trying to think of a business name by generating results instantly to speed up the process of selecting a business name.
  • Availability: Competition for good business names is up thanks to business starting at an all-time high. A generator can search results against names that have already been chosen.

When you need a business name generator

Whenever someone is thinking about starting a business, it is good to use a business name generator. Even if a name is already picked out, people can have preconceived biases and not realize that other business names are much more creative than those they have in mind.

For those that want specific keywords in their business name but are struggling to figure out a good way to combine them, a business name generator is also a great option.

A creative business name generator can suggest names based on a target keyword or group of keywords and do so significantly faster than if someone sat down and tried to do it on their own.

How to choose a name generator and what to look for

Choosing a business name generator can be confusing since there are so many sites to choose from. The best business generators we have reviewed have similar qualities:

  • Simplicity

One of the main reasons Google separated from other internet search engines was that they simplified the process for the masses. The same goes for business name generators as some are easy to use, while others are difficult to navigate.

  • Price

Most of the business name generators on the market are free to use. However, several platforms try to upsell users to purchase suggested brand names or domain names that the site owns.

Users will get the best suggestions from the free sites as their focus is on generating the most value for visitors instead of guiding them through a funnel to purchase a premium name or other service.

Best business name generators

We researched the most popular business name generators on the market to help find the perfect business name:

1 is our top choice for free business name generators due to its ease of use and ability to quickly scan between name options with one word, multiple words, or all at once.

Only one keyword is needed to be entered in the search bar, and the keyword generator will suggest over one hundred names that are easy to scan and select all on one screen.

There is also a “like” feature in which you can select which names you like and filter business names that interest you and see them all on one page.

Best for: First-time business owners


Namelix is an artificial intelligence-based platform that generates brand names based on the keywords entered.

Short, medium, and long options filter the search options based on the keywords. From there, results are generated into branded potential names with logos that are sold in a variety of different packages.

The Namelix tool also can search by different name styles: Brandable Names, Multiple Words, Foreign Words, and Rhyming Words.

Best for: Businesses with existing products or services

Shopify’s Business Name Generator

Shopify is the leading E-commerce platform for small businesses looking to launch online stores.

The Shopify name generator asks users to describe their business idea in one word and then list suggested names to browse through.

However, Shopify offers a business name generator that is easy to use with the Shopify business name generator. The intention is for customers to sign up for a Shopify store when they find a name they are interested in. The platform requires you to set up an account to learn more about the business name of interest.

Best for: E-commerce entrepreneurs

4 Name Generator is a no-code website builder for small businesses and also has an easy-to-use name generator. The Wix name generator is similar to the others where you type in the main keyword and a list of suggested business names is then generated.

If a name is selected on the Wix platform, various domain name suggestions pop up as well. The only issue with this feature is that it could give users false hope, as the domain names generated do not mean that those domain names are available.

The Wix platform requires users to sign up for a Wix account to see if the domain name is available. The fastest and easiest way to check and see if a domain name is available without signing up as a user is through

Best for: Informational sites


Brandbucket has a unique business name generator platform that focuses on selling branded names to users to take the thinking out of it.

There are options to search by specific industry or style, and each brand name comes with a professionally designed logo, premium domain name, and quick delivery.

If a business is struggling to come up with a creative name and is in a hurry to choose a business name, Brandbucket may be a good fit.

Best for: Businesses with budgets that want to skip the research process

Freshbooks’ Business Name Generator

Freshbooks is one of the leading online accounting software providers for small businesses. Freshbooks generator is easy to use and helps suggest tailored names to certain industries.

The generator starts with asking users if they are in one of four industry groupings: Creatives and Marketing, Legal and Business Services, Trades and Home Services, or Information Technology.

Once an industry is selected, a keyword is entered into the search engine, and three business name suggestions are generated. If the three results are not of interest, click next, and the next batch of names will be generated.

Best for: Businesses that have niche industry focus

Business name considerations

Here are some other things to consider before selecting a business name.

  • Choose a name that has longevity

One mistake businesses can make is choosing a name that fits in the short term without considering their business’s evolution into years down the line.

For instance, if a name is too niche or geographically limited, a business runs the risk of outgrowing the word and then running into branding issues if the company grows over time.

On the other hand, if a business wants to stay small and not expand out of a particular geography, a broad business name could hurt SEO if there is a niche target audience.

  • Review the competitive landscape

Business names in specific industries are more competitive than others when competing for Google Adwords and SEO rankings. The last thing a business would want to do is pick a business name and then run into infringement issues down the road.

While it may be tempting to come up with a business name that is an alteration of existing competitors, the best businesses forge their own path and come up with a creative name that forms their own unique identity.

If stuck trying to come up with a good name, try utilizing free online resources to help brainstorm additional business name ideas.

Other questions to think about:

  • Has a thorough business name search been performed on the business name?
  • Are there plans to operate the business in multiple states?
  • How important is SEO for customers finding your business?
  • What are the trademark implications of picking a business name?
  • What is the domain name availability?

In today’s startup environment, it is more competitive than ever to snag a catchy domain name. While brainstorming for a business name is time-consuming, it is equally important to do thorough research and brainstorm domain names.

Unfortunately, domain name hoarders register domain names for potential business name ideas and sit on the words hoping that they can sell them down the line one day.

As the internet ages, the traditional .com domain names are becoming less important. So don’t give up hope if the catchy business name selected does not have a .com domain name available. It is prevalent to see great brands use extensions like .net, .co, or .org.

  • Choose a startup name that is easy to spell and remember

The biggest brands do extensive research on business names to create a brand identity with consumers in target industries. Think about apps in a typical cell phone, the brands we frequent as consumers may not be actual words, but they are all easy to say, spell, and remember.

  • Test the name in Google

Once the final list of business names has been compiled, run each business name through Google to evaluate the competitive landscape. Ideally, you want to choose a high search volume name for relative keywords and low competition from high domain authority sites.

The best way to check for keywords is to download the Keywords Everywhere plugin and type in keywords relating to your business name to gauge how frequently they are searched.

Next, download the Moz Domain Authority Bar, and check to see how competitive the keywords are from high domain authority sites. If you see a trend with big brands dominating the top 10 results in Google, those keywords may be difficult to rank.


Are business name generators free?

The majority of brand name generators are free, which is a great tool to get ideas for a new business name. Most companies that offer business name generators have a strong online presence in some other market like website builders, logo makers, or other services, so they want to go out of their way to help businesses find a great business name.

How does a business name generator work?

Name generators combine words to spit out results to help people select the right name for their business. Some name generators can check domain availability and social media name availability.

What are some unique business name ideas?

The best way to develop ideas for a business name is to use a business name generator like

How do you search to see if a business name is available?

Business name searches need to be performed at the state level as each state has its own unique process to register business names. Sites like have step-by-step instructions on how to search for available business names.

How important is SEO when choosing a business name?

There is some give and take when it comes to choosing a business name. While some names you love won’t have available domain names, others may be too long and not ideal for SEO.

In today’s digital environment, having an SEO-friendly domain name should be considered part of the checklist process.

Choosing a good business name with targeted keywords is likely to help improve organic website traffic and SEO rankings.

How do you come up with a business idea?

The best businesses typically solve a problem of some sort. The best way to start a business is to evaluate your day-to-day life and think of potentially solvable problems. Perhaps there is a product you can invent to help clean the dishes faster, a service to help people fold their laundry, or a blog to give people recipe ideas. Odds are, if there is a problem that you experience in your day-to-day life consistently, there are people all over the world who likely share the same problem.

Business name generators have gained popularity in the last few years with the advancement of technology and the significant uptick in people starting new businesses. Large corporations have spent millions of dollars of marketing dollars on developing brand names for clients. Name generators put the ball back in the entrepreneurs’ court but provide a similar service as expensive branding consultants do.

The next time there is an urge to start a business, instead of rushing out to register a domain name, use a business name generator to help find the perfect business name.

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