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  • Competitive pricing
  • Choice of S-corp, C-corp, LLC, and nonprofit
  • Makes it easy to start a new business
  • 100% online process
  • Obtain extras like EINs and DBAs
  • Wide selection of add-on services
  • Help with annual report filing and other ongoing needs
  • Installment payments available on formation packages
  • Valuable ongoing services


  • State filing fees are charged separately
  • Does not support the formation of partnership businesses

What does Swyft Filings offer?

Swyft Filings is helpful both for new and existing businesses. They offer business incorporation services to help entrepreneurs start new companies, as well as a variety of ongoing services to help companies scale up.

The focus of Swyft Filings is small business formation. They make it simple to start a new LLC or corporation, with their intuitive online platform. Swyft works with officials in every state, so the service can be used to start a business in your home state.

After a company is formed, Swyft offers value with useful ongoing services. They offer their own direct services (such as Registered Agent), and also partner with other services to deliver more value to customers.

Starting a business

  • Corporations (C-corp, S-corp), Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and more
  • Nonprofit (501 (c)(3) status)
  • Help with finding an available business name and registering Doing Business As names
  • Compliant with requirements in all US states
  • Standard or Rush filing speed
  • Swyft offers Registered Agent services, handling legal correspondence for companies
  • Various business templates and resources

Growing a business

  • Obtain specialized permits, business licenses, etc.
  • Ongoing compliance alerts to keep companies in good standing (ComplianceGuard)
  • Ongoing Registered Agent service
  • Filing of the initial report and annual reports
  • Business conversion services
  • Business domain names, business websites, and website hosting
  • Digital Corporate Kit for online file management
  • Tax consultation

How much does Swyft Filings cost?

Swyft offers many services that are priced individually, as well as business formation packages which are sold as bundles. The section below details pricing for starting a new company with Swyft Filings. Overall, the pricing for Swyft Filings is very competitive. Their basic package is an incredible value, at only $50, and their higher-end packages offer a lot of useful features.

Basic package – $50 + state fees

The Basic plan is a budget-friendly way to cover the basics of new business formation.

  • All the basic features and forms necessary
  • Standard filing speed
  • Company name search to choose an available name
  • Online access to documents
  • Free business domain name
  • Free business tax consultation
  • Lifetime customer support

Standard package – $149 + state fees

The Standard plan adds a federal tax ID (EIN), operating agreement, and more.

  • All features included in previous plans
  • Standard filing speed
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) federal tax ID number
  • Custom LLC Operating Agreement
  • Custom banking resolution
  • Custom organizational minutes

Premium package – $299 + state fees

The Premium plan adds expedited filing and shipping, plus bonus features.

  • All features included in previous plans
  • Expedited filing speed
  • Expedited shipping of incorporation documents
  • Electronic and physical delivery
  • Custom digital LLC kit
  • Free business website
  • 3 months of free business web hosting

Ongoing costs

Swyft Filings LLC and corporation formation plans are flat fees charged in the first year only. This differs from competitors like ZenBusiness, which has an annual fee structure.

However, some services from Swyft may have ongoing costs, if they are not canceled.

For example, to keep Swyft Filings as a Registered Agent, businesses will pay $149 per year. Swyft has Registered Agents in all 50 US states.

Other services, such as annual report filing, also have ongoing fees. Every service can be canceled at any time, however, so companies are never locked into long-term costs.

State filing fees

Starting a new company with Swyft Filings involves two separate fees: Swyft’s own package pricing (see above), and state filing fees. This is standard among most service providers in the industry.

State filing fees go directly to the state that the business is being registered in. Swyft processes the payment, but the funds are directed to the state agency (usually the Secretary of State).

Fees can vary by state, and by business structure.

For example, forming an LLC costs $300 in Texas, $200 in New York, and only $70 in California.

During the initial signup process, Swyft Filings will show a clear explanation of total plan costs, including their own fees and any state fees.

Keep in mind that processing times can also vary, depending on the state you file in.

Does Swyft Filings have good customer service?

Swyft Filings has customer support agents available via phone, online live chat, and email. Agents can be reached during normal business hours.

Swyft offers lifetime support on all plans, even if no ongoing services are kept.

Swyft also offers some specialized services to connect you with experts. For instance, plans come with a half-hour business tax consultation to help you plan bookkeeping.

Is Swyft Filings a good choice for your business?

Swyft Filings is a good choice for starting a new company. It offers a diverse mix of services and very competitive pricing. Customer support is solid, and the company has a good reputation overall.

The entire process is completed online and is simple to navigate. Business incorporation is handled quickly, with a turnaround time of as little as a few business days.

Swyft is compatible with rules in every state, so entrepreneurs nationwide can take advantage of its services. It offers clear, no-frills pricing, making it easy to see exactly what the total cost will be. Most plans are also one-time fees, rather than ongoing expenses.

All plans are backed by lifetime support, which is unique. Plus, Swyft offers value long-term, with a selection of ongoing services like Registered Agent, annual report filing, etc.

Wrapping up

  • If you want a simple business formation experience, choice of several packages, and competitive pricing, Swyft Filings is a great option. It’s difficult to beat their low-cost, comprehensive plans.
  • If you want a cheap Registered Agent service or complex legal services, some competing business formation services may offer a better deal.

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