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  • Easy way to form a new LLC, corporation, or nonprofit
  • Choose from S-corp, C-corp, or B-corp
  • Simple application process that’s 100% online
  • Huge range of extra business services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Ongoing business compliance support
  • Intellectual property protection (copyrights, etc.)
  • Free online learning library full of useful tips
  • Free EIN filings for any business
  • Ongoing corporate maintenance (bylaws, annual meetings, annual report, etc.)
  • Ongoing LLC maintenance (operating agreement, annual report, membership certificates, etc.)


  • State registration fees are charged separately
  • Does not support partnership business structures

What does MyCorporation offer?

MyCorporation aims to be a helpful resource for many aspects of modern business. Their core offering is business formation, but they go far beyond that to offer a host of ongoing services.

MyCorporation’s primary offerings focus on business formation. They can help founders start new companies in any state, all at very competitive pricing.

Beyond the initial business formation, MyCorporation remains quite useful with a variety of useful services. This includes copyright protections, business structure changes, and more.

Starting a business

  • Easily start a new company online
  • Options for LLCs, corporations (C-corp, S-corp, or B-corp), and nonprofits
  • Compliant with rules in each US states
  • Includes all necessary documents, including Articles of Incorporation, LLC operating agreement, etc.
  • Help with finding an available business name and DBA
  • Help with specific business licenses and permits
  • Help with obtaining federal tax ID numbers, such as an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Growing a business

  • Intellectual property protections – copyrights, trademarks, etc.
  • Issue stock certificates or membership
  • Elect taxation treatment (such as S-corp status or 501(c)(3) status)
  • Tax help
  • Reminders for ongoing compliance requirements
  • Help with annual report service, corporate bylaws, etc.
  • Ongoing Registered Agent service

How much does MyCorporation cost?

MyCorporation has a wide variety of services, available both in packages and as standalone services. Each package from MyCorporation builds on the last one, adding another feature or service. Keep in mind that the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium plans do enroll customers in ongoing services, which may have annual costs (see below). The Basic plan does not have any ongoing costs associated with it (unless add-ons are selected).

Basic package – $99 + state fees

The basic package is a cost-effective way to form a new business and covers all the basic steps needed.

  • All basic business formation steps necessary
  • Choice of LLC, corporation, or nonprofit
  • Business name check to find an available company name
  • Online document storage
  • State filing fees are charged separately

Standard package – $124 + state fees

The standard package expands the functionality by adding an Annual Report filing service, as well as extras like corporate bylaws.

  • All features of the Basic plan
  • Adds ongoing Annual Report filing service
  • Additional extras like corporate bylaws and corporate minutes

Deluxe package – $224 + state fees

The Deluxe package adds ongoing Registered Agent service, to receive important legal documents for your business.

  • All features of the Standard plan
  • Adds ongoing Registered Agent service
  • Registered Agents represent your business, receiving important business documents and legal documents for companies

Premium package – $324 + state fees

The Premium Package adds MaintainMyBiz, an ongoing service for business compliance and filings.

  • All features of the Deluxe plan
  • Adds MaintainMyBiz ongoing service
  • This plan helps keep your business compliant over the long term
  • Help with filings such as Annual Reports, S-corp election, DBA names, etc.

Ongoing costs

MyCorporation’s business formation plans are flat-fee, meaning you pay the fee upfront and that’s it. Keep in mind that some packages will enroll you in these additional services. You are free to cancel, however, auto-renew is automatically turned on. Be sure to cancel if you don’t want ongoing services.

Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Registered Agent – $120/year – handles official correspondence and legal document receipts for your company. A requirement in many states.
  • MyIncGuard Package – $79/year – sends reminders when it’s time to file or update a form. Helps to keep your company in good standing.
  • MaintainMyBiz Package – $250/year – your choice of 4 filings every 12 months. Can include Annual Report, business amendments, foreign qualification, certified copies of documents, etc.

State filing fees

There are two cost components to a business formation package from MyCorporation: The service’s own fees, and the state filing fees.

This is standard in the industry – most competitors also charge state fees separately.

These costs go directly to the state that you are filing in. MyCorporation processes the payment, but the money goes to your state.

State registration fees vary significantly. For instance, currently starting an LLC costs $165 in Florida, $85 in California, and $334 in Texas.

During the signup process, MyCorporation will show clearly the total cost, including any state fees.

Does MyCorporation have good customer service?

MyCorporation has great customer support. Agents are available via phone or email, during normal business hours.

Plus, MyCorporation has a huge online learning library and an extensive FAQ section. Using these resources, some questions can be answered without contacting support. But if help is needed, rest assured that MyCorporation’s professional agents are there to help.

Is MyCorporation a good choice for your business?

Business owners have many choices when it comes to finding a formation service. Competitors like ZenBusiness, Bizee, and LegalZoom all have compelling reasons for business owners to choose them. So, why choose MyCorporation?

For one, the service is a one-stop-shop. Not only do they help with business formation, but they can also prove useful for years to come.

MyCorporation can help with ongoing compliance needs, yearly filings, and more. They even offer more advanced services, like copyright and intellectual property protections.

Wrapping up

  • Pricing is also a big selling point. MyCorporation is a very cost-effective way to form a new company.
  • If you want a wide selection of services, competitive pricing, and professional customer service, MyCorporation is a great option.
  • If you want to form a business partnership, MyCorporation won’t work for you. Likewise, if you want help with complex legal issues, a competitor like LegalZoom may be a better option.

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