How to Find a Registered Agent in New Jersey (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Last updated: July 2nd, 2024
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New Jersey registered agent requirements

A registered agent needs to be someone who is at least 18 years old. For individuals, registered agents need to be residents of New Jersey State. For businesses, registered agents need to be registered to carry out business in New Jersey.

Furthermore, all registered agents must have a physical street address in the State of New Jersey. If you do not live in New Jersey but want to incorporate your business there, you need to either hire an individual who has residency in the state and a physical street address there or a larger commercial registered agent company.

One of the most important aspects of being a registered agent is being present at a permanent New Jersey address (non-P.O. box address) during regular business hours throughout the week.

Why use a registered agent service

Most serious New Jersey businesses choose to hire a commercial registered agent company over hiring an individual. Here’s why:

  • All your documents in one place

Organizing your important business documents and legal correspondence can be time-consuming and complicated. Your registered agent service will take care of all of this for you and help you meet important business filing due dates as well.

  • Privacy at home

When you appoint yourself registered agent for your business, you have to use your home address unless you have another physical address in-state.

Because all LLC (limited liability company) and corporation registered agent addresses need to be on the public record according to state law, this naturally means that your personal home address would be out in the open for anyone to find. Hiring a registered agent company helps keep your address and personal information more private.

  • Ability to grow your business easily

Ready to move your business into other states? This is easy when working with a registered agent (statutory agent) service who has offices in all 50 states.

  • More flexibility with your schedule

Don’t waste your precious working hours standing by at your registered agent address. All registered agents need to have someone located at their registered agent address at all times during weekly business hours. Let a commercial registered agent company do this for you so you can focus on your business.

New Jersey registered agent costs

Most new businesses are startups or small businesses. When they incorporate, they’re just getting off the ground, so they don’t want to spend a lot of money.

For this reason, new businesses in New Jersey often decide to have an individual be their registered agent. It might be the business owner themselves or someone close to the owner like a friend or family member.

While it is true that it costs nothing to be your own registered agent or to hire a friend or family member for the job, it might still be smarter to hire a commercial registered agent company.

Yes, as a rule, commercial registered agent companies usually only charge between $50 and $300 for their services every year. However, they will also be ensuring that all of your important correspondence is handled carefully and efficiently.

Plus, they often offer other business filings as well. For example, many commercial registered agent companies can also help your business incorporate in New Jersey and in other states as well.

How to change a registered agent in New Jersey

In order to change your LLC or corporation’s registered agent in the state of New Jersey, you must file the appropriate paperwork with the New Jersey Division of Revenue, Corporate Filing. This paperwork must be filed along with a fee.

If you happen to need to change your registered agent at the same time as your Annual Report is due, you can also do both of these filings at once. Simply alter your registered agent on your Annual Report paperwork. Keep in mind, however, that there will still be a filing fee due if you change your registered agent on your Annual Report.

Follow the instructions below to change a registered agent in New Jersey.

  • Decide who your new registered agent will be. In New Jersey, you can be your own registered agent, or you can appoint a corporate registered agent company to the position or another individual such as a spouse or employee.
  • Alert your old registered agent. They will need to know that you no longer require their services. They will also need to pass on any documents or filing paperwork still in their possession.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Change – Registered Name or Address, or Both for LLCs form if you have an LLC in New Jersey. If you have a corporation, obtain a Certificate of Change of Registered Office and/or Registered Agent for Corporations.
  • Fill out the form and file it with the New Jersey Division of Revenue, Corporate Filing. Be sure to update the information so that your new registered agent information and their office address is reflected.
  • Pay the fee. Filing fees for changes of registered agent can be paid by e-check or by credit card.

Why you need a registered agent

Looking for a registered agent as you fill out your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization?

All New Jersey businesses need to have a registered agent. It is an essential part of filling out your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation as you register your business with the state.

Registered agents have just one job. They need to accept service of process mail (and other important documents and legal notices) for your business. This may seem like a simple, small role, but it is also incredibly important.

Service of process is a procedure wherein a business is “served” lawsuit documents. If your business receives service of process, you know that you are being sued or subpoenaed. These official documents and notifications are incredibly important, and the courts and state want to know that you have received them when they are issued. This is the main reason why the role of registered agent exists.

Of course, a registered agent can offer other services as well. They also receive other official mail from the state, other business entities, and the court system. These services often go hand-in-hand with business filing services as well.

When you need a registered agent

You will need to choose your New Jersey registered agent as you fill out your Articles of Organization and incorporate your business. This document must be filed with the Secretary of State of New Jersey in order for your business to be fully incorporated.

There are several required steps you must complete when filling out your Articles of Organization. For example, you need to choose a business name, run a name check, and register your chosen name. You also need to choose at least one director for your Board of Directors. You will need to organize your Corporate Bylaws. And you will need to choose a registered agent.

When filling out who your registered agent will be, be sure to include their full name, non-P.O. box street address in New Jersey, and acceptance of appointment as your registered agent.

Useful links

Below are several links and forms that may help as you incorporate your business and choose a resident agent in New Jersey.


Do I need a registered agent for my LLC in NJ?

Yes, all New Jersey LLCs — as well as corporations — need to have a registered agent. This is an appointment that is chosen when incorporating your business and completing your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation. Many New Jersey businesses have a registered agent service company to fill this role, but an individual can be a registered agent too.

How do I select a New Jersey registered agent?

If you would like to be your own New Jersey registered agent, this is possible. You can also select a spouse or other relative to fill the role. Employees can be registered agents too. Still, most New Jersey LLCs and corporations hire a commercial registered agent company for this position.

Can you change your registered agent in NJ?

Yes. Changing your registered agent in New Jersey is simply a matter of filing a Certificate of Change – Registered Name or Address, or Both for LLCs. For corporations in New Jersey, you must file the Certificate of Change of Registered Office and/or Registered Agent for Corporations.

What is a commercial registered agent?

Commercial registered agents are companies that specialize in performing registered agent duties on behalf of other businesses. Commercial registered agents are often superior to individuals who fill this position because they offer more services and are available in numerous states.

Resident agent vs. registered agent — what’s the difference?

There is no difference between a resident agent and a registered agent. Both of these terms refer to an individual or business entity that receives business mail and legal service of process documents on behalf of an LLC or corporation.

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