How to Find a Registered Agent in Indiana (Step-by-Step Guide)

Last updated: May 9th, 2024
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Indiana registered agent requirements

All registered agents in the state of Indiana must be either a resident of the state or be registered to provide registered agent services in the state. You can choose to be your own registered agent. Alternatively, many Indiana corporations and LLCs find that hiring a company offers superior benefits.

Being your own registered agent

If you are to be your own registered agent, you must be over the age of 18. You must be a resident of the state of Indiana. You must have a physical address in Indiana where you can accept business mail, including important tax documents and service of process. Finally, you must be available at that same address during regular business hours throughout the week (Monday through Friday).

Hiring a registered agent service

Registered agents  need to be registered to conduct business in the state of Indiana, and they, of course, must accept the appointment of being your registered agent.

Why use a registered agent service

When you want the most out of your Indiana registered agent, it’s best to hire a registered agent service company to work on your behalf. Here’s why:

  • Time

Allow your registered agent company to maintain normal business hours at their registered office address so you don’t have to. That way, whenever the government, the courts, or an individual or business needs to contact you, they can go through your registered agent. You’ll be free to move about as you please.

The best registered agent services will forward incoming legal documents and other paperwork on the same day it is received. Some companies even offer online accounts where you can have instant access to your business mail.

  • Compliance

It is critical that your Indiana business remains in “good standing” with the state, which means being compliant. Your registered agent company can ensure this for you.

The best registered agent companies specialize in compliance. They know exactly what you need to do to maintain legal requirements and file all your paperwork on time.

  • Privacy

Registered agents are required by state law to have their physical addresses listed in the public record. That way anyone can find them, including the courts, other businesses and individuals, and the state itself.

But if you plan on being your own registered agent, this basically means that your home address is going to be in the public domain. This is not something you likely want as it can be an imposition on your privacy.

Going with a professional registered agent company means letting them list their address in the public domain instead of your own.

Furthermore, in the event that your business is sued and service of process needs to be delivered, these documents would not have to be delivered to your home (or actual business address) by police officers. Naturally, this would be undesirable for multiple reasons.

Instead, you’ll have these documents delivered to your registered agent’s address. You’ll be able to keep that issue separate from your private life as well as your business dealings.

  • Opportunities for growth

Another reason to consider hiring a professional service to be your registered agent is that they can help your small business expand into other states without hassle.

Larger companies have offices in every state, so you can keep all your business paperwork in one convenient location. Plus, the incorporation process will be seamless. If you’d eventually like to incorporate in other parts of the country, this is key.

Indiana registered agent costs

Several factors will impact how much you should expect to pay for a registered agent. The most inexpensive option is to be your own registered agent or to ask a close relative or trusted friend to take on this role for your business. This costs nothing.

Having a registered agent company be your registered agent is different, however. They will charge you an annual fee of anywhere between $50 and $300 (generally speaking). How much they ultimately charge will largely depend on what type of services you want.

If your LLC or corporation is a startup, you might want to go with their most economical service. As your business needs grow, you can level up and have them take on more duties so as to ease your own burden. For example, they can alert you of tax filing due dates, Annual Report alerts, and more.

Note: The state of Indiana never charges registered agent fees as this is a position the business owner must fill.

How to change a registered agent in Indiana

Do you need to change who is listed as the registered agent for your Indiana business?

  • Before changing your Indiana registered agent on your own, ask the registered agent service you are planning to hire if they can complete the process for you. If this is possible, it may save you some money as they will usually wave the credit card fee. It will also save you time and energy as they can handle all the paperwork.
  • To change your Indiana registered agent on your own, first obtain a Change of Registered Agent/Office form. This can be found on the INBiz government website. There, you can print the form and mail it to the Indiana Secretary of State Business Services Division.
  • Alternatively, you can login to your INBiz account and perform the filing online.

Why you need a registered agent

A registered agent acts as receiver of all important State of Indiana communications for your business. They will handle critical filings as well as receive service of process (notifications of lawsuits) for your business.

Choosing a registered agent is an essential part of incorporating your company in Indiana. If you want to form an LLC (limited liability company) or corporation, you need to have a registered agent. If you plan to incorporate your business in other states, you’ll need to incorporate and choose a registered agent in those states as well

Keep in mind that the term ‘registered agent’ is preferred in most states. However, certain states prefer to use or may use the terms ‘statutory agent,’ ‘agent for service of process,’ or ‘resident agent.’

When you need a registered agent

You’ll need to select a registered agent when setting up your business in Indiana. It comes as the second step in the incorporation process. The first step is to choose a new business name.

All LLCs and corporations in Indiana need to have a business name that meets the business naming requirements outlined by the state. These requirements include things like not misleading the public through your business name and not choosing a name that is the same as or too similar to another establishment in Indiana.

Once you’ve named your business, it’s time to complete your Articles of Incorporation — also known as Articles of Organization. This document is critical for forming your business, and it’s where you need to appoint your registered agent and list their contact information.

Finally, it will be time to prepare your corporate bylaws, appoint the initial board of directors for your business, and hold your first board meeting. Once you’ve done this and have submitted all of your formation documents to the Indiana Secretary of State (and they’ve been accepted), you can then obtain an EIN or employer identification number.

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Use the following forms to help you as you incorporate your business in Indiana and choose a registered agent.


Do I need an Indiana registered agent?

Yes. According to Indiana state law, all LLCs and corporations need to have a listed registered agent in their formation documents. Registered agents can be either individuals or business entities. They must be either a resident of Indiana or registered to do business in Indiana. Registered agents need an in-state physical address that is not a P.O. box.

Do I have to be my own registered agent in Indiana?

No. In fact, most new businesses choose to hire a commercial registered agent company. A professional registered agent affords you more privacy and less hassle. You’ll use their physical address as your company’s official registered address. By working with a company over being your own registered agent, you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about paperwork.

Why should I use a registered agent service in Indiana?

By law, all businesses in Indiana need to have a registered agent. Registered agent companies are superior to individuals acting as registered agents because they are reliable, trustworthy, inexpensive, and hassle-free. They will take care of all your business filings and important legal paperwork and tax documents so that you can put your efforts toward growing your business.

How do I appoint an Indiana registered agent?

When you go through the process of incorporating your business, you will have to choose a registered agent to list in your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation. You will need to list the name of the registered agent you have chosen and their contact information, including a physical street address in Indiana.

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