How to Find a Registered Agent in Arkansas (Step-by-Step Guide)

Last updated: May 9th, 2024
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Arkansas registered agent requirements

Keep these requirements in mind as you choose your new registered agent in Arkansas.

Being your own registered agent

First, many new business owners will choose to take on the role of registered agent themselves. It is perfectly legal to be your own registered agent in Arkansas. There are no state fees associated with this choice, and for some business owners, it may be the most convenient choice.

Still, it’s not recommended for all business owners. There are some drawbacks to being your own registered agent as we will discuss below.

Requirements for being your own registered agent in Arkansas include:

  • Being over the age of 18
  • Having a physical street address (not a P.O. box) in Arkansas
  • Being willing to be available during normal business hours at this address to accept important mail for your business
  • Being willing to have your address listed on your business’s formation documents as the registered agent

Hiring an Arkansas registered agent service

Another option is to hire a registered agent service in Arkansas. Several options exist, and it’s important to find one that meets your business needs.

Commercial registered agent companies must agree to the appointment to be your registered agent. They also must be authorized to carry out business in Arkansas state. They are required to have a physical street address in Arkansas. There, they must keep normal business hours.

Why use a registered agent service

There are numerous benefits to choosing a registered agent service for your Arkansas small business.

  • Incorporation opportunities in other states

If you plan to operate your business in states other than Arkansas, you will need to find a registered agent and incorporate your business in each state. It’s far easier to choose one service who can help you with incorporation in any state than it is to try to find a new registered agent in every state where you plan to conduct business.

  • Same-day access to important documents

When your business receives time-sensitive mail, you’ll need to take action right away. A registered agent service will notify you immediately whenever you receive such correspondence and will even help you with important Annual Report due dates and filing deadlines.

  • No need for you to maintain regular hours

Professional registered agent services can help if you need to travel frequently or can’t otherwise be in one office location during business hours throughout the week.

  • Improved privacy

Registered agent addresses need to be listed in your formation documents when you incorporate your business. This means they are in the public domain. Anyone could see where you live if you were to list yourself as your business’s registered agent.

When you separate your business address from your home address, you’ll ensure your home and private life remain private. Those who use their personal house address as their business address risk an invasion of their privacy.

  • All your documents in a centralized location

Most registered service agents offer an online account where clients are able to access their important business documents, including tax notices and service of process notifications.

  • Ensured compliance

Maintaining compliance with the Arkansas secretary of state can be a challenge, especially when you have a new small business. Fortunately, a registered agent service is well-versed in compliance guidelines and will help you stay in good standing.

Arkansas registered agent costs

Businesses who are considering hiring a registered agent service company in the state of Arkansas often want to know how much this service will cost. After all, it’s free to be your own registered agent, so that’s often a tempting choice for business owners.

To be sure, there are no state fees associated with being a registered agent or hiring a commercial registered agent company. At the same time, all registered agent companies will require that you pay an annual fee. These annual fees can range anywhere from $50 to $300.

How much you pay will depend on a multitude of factors. Most notably, it’s up to you to decide if you want to add on all the bells and whistles that are possible with a registered agent service company. For example, many companies provide online accounts, reminders about Annual Report due dates, help with incorporation and tax documents, and assistance with other business filings and legal issues.

How to change a registered agent in Arkansas

When a business grows in size, shifts its focus, or makes other fundamental changes, they may decide to change their registered agent as well. Changing your registered agent in Arkansas is a fairly straightforward process.

  • File a Notice of Change of Registered Agent Information form to change your registered agent.
  • Submit in person or online. There are no filing fees necessary for changing your registered agent in Arkansas.

In many cases, registered agent services will offer to fill out the necessary Notice of Change of Registered Agent form on your behalf and submit it to the government. This can alleviate some stress on your part, and they will ensure the change is made correctly and you remain in good standing with the state.

Why you need a registered agent

All Arkansas LLCs and corporations are required to have registered agents. A registered agent’s role is to accept legal documents and other mail that is critical to a business’s operation. A business without an established registered agent may risk receiving important documents. This may, in turn, lead to missing important deadlines and having to pay fines or suffer legal consequences.

LLCs and corporations in Arkansas may choose to act as their business’s own registered agent. It’s also possible to hire a company to be your registered agent. Both options have pros and cons, which we will discuss further on.

When you need a registered agent

A registered agent is required after a budding business has chosen their new business name.

This first step involves conducting a name search with the Arkansas Secretary of State to ensure that no other organization has already used your desired name. Other naming requirements are in place in Arkansas, and it’s important to follow these guidelines when choosing your new business name.

After a name has been chosen, you can choose your registered agent. Choosing a registered agent is an integral part of the LLC formation process. You need to name your registered agent as well as their physical street address. P.O. boxes will not be accepted as registered agent addresses in Arkansas.

After completing this step, new business owners can file a Certificate of Formation with the state. From there, the Secretary of State should accept your business’s incorporation, and you can then apply to get an Employer Identification Number or EIN. New businesses must also create an Arkansas Operation Agreement.

Useful links

Choosing a registered agent and incorporating your business for the first time can be challenging. Here are some useful links that may help.


What is a registered agent for an LLC in Arkansas?

LLCs (limited liability companies) need registered agents in Arkansas to accept and organize incoming business mail. Specifically, a registered agent is tasked with being reliably present at the address you have listed in your Articles of Organization under registered agent. That way, they can accept any important incoming mail on your business’s behalf, such as service of process mail.

How do I find a registered agent in Arkansas?

Numerous registered agent services exist in Arkansas. Find one that meets your business needs. Keep in mind that all Arkansas registered service companies must have a physical address in Arkansas, and they must consent to the appointment.

Can I use myself as a registered agent in Arkansas?

Yes, Arkansas residents may choose to be the registered agent for their own businesses. You must be a resident of the state, over the age of 18, and have an Arkansas street address. P.O. boxes will not be accepted as registered agent addresses.

Can USPS be a registered agent?

No, the United States Postal Service (USPS) cannot be your company’s registered agent in Arkansas. Your business itself cannot be listed as your registered agent either. A registered agent must be an individual Arkansas resident (over 18) or a business entity registered in the state of Arkansas. Registered agents must have a street address in Arkansas as well.

What is the most common form of service of process?

Most people are served with the process in person. It can be done by mail as well. Service of process is the process of being notified that another party is starting legal action against you. United States law states that anyone who is having a legal action taken against them needs to be duly notified. This is what is happening when you are “served with process.”

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