How to Start a Wyoming LLC as a Non-U.S. Citizen

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Last updated: June 10th, 2024

One of the best states for non-U.S. ciziten-owned LLCs and corporations is Wyoming, as it offers significant tax benefits and the best overall conditions for LLC owners doing business in the United States.

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A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business ownership structure in the United States. It affords owners a greater level of legal protection against personal liability for payment of judgments and other claims against the business.

For non-U.S. resident business owners, the definition of an LLC is expanded to include relaxed federal tax laws that permit taxation on their revenues to “pass through,” effectively bypassing the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and deferring tax collection from the LLC to the taxing authority of the business owner’s country of residence.

Why a Wyoming LLC?

The original version of the U.S. LLC business structure was created in Wyoming. So, no other state in the union has a longer history of managing the LLC legislative, judicial, and administrative ecosystem than Wyoming.

Wyoming provides a better general business environment for the majority of U.S. nonresident LLC owners. Wyoming offers a unique combination of advantages for foreigners who desire to operate a business in the vast American consumer market.

  • Wyoming permits anonymous business ownership. This enables business owners to maintain an added measure of privacy, which can be an important benefit for many LLC owners of businesses that, by their nature, develop high public profiles.
  • Wyoming does not charge state income tax. The state also does not have a franchise tax, which is a large annual cost for companies in some states. That makes Wyoming the top choice for foreign entrepreneurs looking to start a modest LLC in the United States and are not seeking a large amount of venture capital investment.
  • Wyoming offers more robust asset protection for LLC owners than other states, which relieves business owners from extreme risk levels from potential civil suits. Wyoming has among the country’s most experienced business legislative and legal systems with respect to LLC structures. The state’s political environment is also conducive to stable business conditions.
  • Wyoming offers a comparatively easy step-by-step process for creating an LLC. The state’s long experience with LLC entities has led to the country’s most refined method of forming this kind of company for new business owners. The result is that the Wyoming LLC registration process is the simplest in the country. It involves less documentation upfront in the application process and throughout the term of a business’s operation in the United States.
  • Fees for setting up an LLC in Wyoming total much less than in other states. Those savings have made the state the first choice of many small LLC owners with tight budgets.

How to form an LLC in Wyoming as a non-citizen

Use the following step-by-step process to register your LLC with the Wyoming Secretary of State. Wyoming will become your “domestic state” for your new business. As for all LLCs, even those with U.S. resident business owners, your company will be defined as a “foreign entity” in other states where you are doing business.

Select an available name for your LLC

Search the Wyoming database to find an allowed business name for LLC that is not already assigned to another company. You can reserve a name from the list if you wish by submitting a Wyoming LLC Application for Reservation of Name, and paying a fee.

Appoint a registered agent to represent your Wyoming LLC on your behalf

Legally, you must maintain a resident registered agent in Wyoming to serve as your representative in day-to-day matters. For example, your Wyoming registered agent service must be able to receive mail and other communications from the government for you. 

Obtain a virtual address

Your Wyoming registered agent must have a physical address, and that location may serve as an appendage for your company. However, ideally, for purposes of preserving the legal protection your LLC is designed to provide, your company’s official business address should be either your actual place of work in your country of residence or, a legal virtual business address available to entrepreneurs living in foreign countries and generating revenues inside the United States.

A virtual business address is a physical street address that your business can list and use to receive mail. You will need to file U.S. Postal Service Form 1583 with the U.S. Postal Service authorizing your virtual mailing address service provider to receive your mail by linking your responsible party to the mailbox. You will need to submit two forms of ID with the form. Update your official documents with the Secretary of State to record your virtual address as your physical address.

Submit your Articles of Organization

Complete and send the Articles of Organization to the Wyoming Secretary of State. You must provide an email address. The approval process takes about 15 days. There is no expedited processing option at the office of the Wyoming Secretary of State. Processing is done in the order of dates applications are received. To check the status of application processing, you can go to the Secretary of State’s online services site to see which date’s applications are currently under processing. 

Get an Employer Identification Number

As a non-U.S. resident, you can apply to the IRS for an Individual Taxpayer Information Number (ITIN). You can use your ITIN to obtain an EIN.

You will need an EIN to start your Wyoming LLC, file tax returns, open a bank account for your business, hire workers, and other purposes. After the Wyoming Secretary of State has certified your Articles of Organization, you can submit a request to the IRS for an EIN. Just mail the one-page Application for Employer Identification Number (Form SS-4), or apply for an EIN online.

Submit a Beneficial Ownership Information report

Most nonresidents of the U.S. doing business in the country are required to file a Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

The report must be submitted by the 90-day deadline from the LLC registration date in Wyoming. After 2024, the deadline for the report will be 30 days. The report must include information indicated for all decision-makers in your business who own at least 25% of the company. The content of this report is not a public record that is accessible without a security clearance. It is held as confidential information.

Open a business bank account either in Wyoming or another U.S. state

You might assume that this would be one of the easiest parts of starting a business in the United States. However, it can be the most problematic for non-U.S. residents. Some banks throughout the country are more experienced than others in creating business accounts for non-U.S. residents.

Platforms that offer remote setup and management, like Found, Relay, and Mercury can be more convenient to work with to open an account from outside the country.

You are not required to have your bank account in the same state you register your LLC. You may also note that nonresident LLC owners sometimes ask a family member or other party in the USA to open a bank account for them.

Get the necessary business permits and licenses

The business licenses and/or permits your Wyoming LLC may need are based on the state’s requirements for the types of business activities you plan to conduct. These are official validations of your right to sell your products or services in the state and elsewhere in the US.

There are several degrees of business licensing your LLC may need:

  • Federal license or permit
  • Possibly a local general business license
  • There is no state business license required for most Wyoming LLCs

Exceptions include, for example, agricultural, pollution control, construction, lending, environmental protection companies, and fire prevention businesses, among others.

Costs of starting an LLC in Wyoming

These are initial costs for registering an LLC in the state, though this list may not account for all costs, depending on the nature of your business and your particular needs for it.

Register Articles of Organization$100
Certificate of Authority$150
Series designated or established under a Series LLC (cost per series)$10
Annual Registration of Commercial Registered Agent$50
Reinstatement for tax$100
Reinstatement for No Registered Agent$350
Amendment/Dissolution/Any other filing$60
Annual Report License tax (based on the business’s assets located and employed in Wyoming)$60 or $0.0002 per dollar, whichever is greater

Paying federal taxes as a non-U.S. resident LLC owner

For all U.S. business owners, whether residing in the country or outside its boundaries, the applied business income tax rate is 30%. However, for non-U.S. residents, the federal tax collection process is bypassed. It is routed as a “pass-through” tax collection process. 

This means that the U.S. Internal Revenue Service does not handle the tax collection process regarding your U.S. business. Instead, the responsibility for the tax liability due to your U.S.-sourced income is passed through the U.S. Treasury Department system and deferred to the national tax collection authority in the country in which you live.

Discuss your tax liability with an American business tax accountant or tax attorney before you start doing business in the United States or submit a tax filing. Also, familiarize yourself with the U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens as well as Tax Treaties (IRS Publication 519).

Keeping your Wyoming LLC in state and federal compliance

It can be a challenge to comply with all the rules you must follow to keep your business in good standing with American federal, state, and local governments while you are working hard to run your U.S. company from your home country. Consider keeping a calendar of monthly and annual requirements to help you keep track of all your state and federal obligations while you are doing business in the United States.

Examples of ongoing legal requirements that you must fulfill while operating a business in Wyoming include paying your annual fee for a registered agent service, meeting annual deadlines for IRS income reporting, and filing annual reports with the State of Wyoming. 

Your Wyoming reports are due each year on the first day of the anniversary month in which your LLC formation was approved. After 60 days from the deadline, your LLC can be dissolved by the state due to failure to comply.


Can I form a solo LLC or do I need more people to start an LLC in the United States?

Yes, you can create an LLC with yourself as its only member. You do not need multiple people to form this type of business entity in the United States.

Do I need professional guidance to obtain a U.S. Individual Taxpayer ID number?

You are not required to hire a professional to execute the process for obtaining a U.S. ITIN on your behalf. You can request, receive, prepare, and submit this very basic application form to the IRS yourself.

What is the purpose and cost of a nominee service in Wyoming?

Nominee services are usually accessible to non-U.S. residents for a negligible fee. This type of service can help you keep your personal identity private in your Wyoming LLC documentation.

Will I need an apostille to validate documents?

You can obtain an apostille, if necessary, to officially verify the certification of your Wyoming LLC documents by the Wyoming Secretary of State.

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